ESyCool green

Helping to fight global warming - ESyCool green is the sustainable energy solution for food retailing.

Viessmann - for the benefit of the future
  • A total energy solution for food retail stores, combining heating, refrigeration and energy management
  • Up to 20-25% less energy consumption than the latest CO2 integrated systems
  • 90% less refrigerant charge compared to traditional systems together with better reliability in operations
  • Scalable for different store sizes and suitable for existing and new stores

On a European average, more than 70% of food retail energy consumed is electricity, and the majority of that, about 60%, is used to drive the refrigeration equipment in stores.

All food retailers are looking for ways to reduce their CO2 footprint and introduce greener store technologies. To support this target, at EuroShop Viessmann presented the award-winning ESyCool green solution, which makes it possible to reduce energy use by up to 20-25%. Nowadays in food retail stores, a central goal is the operation of buildings as energy self-sufficiently as possible with renewable energy sources.

EC Pro units at the core of ESyCool green

At the core of ESyCool green are Tecto EC Pro heat pump modules ─ industrially manufactured, tested and certified ─ which use natural refrigerant R290. Installed outside, they ensure the highest quality and operational reliability. The modular system can be used to combine refrigeration and heating but can also be extended to store energy.

Three modular applications cover refrigeration and heating based on customers needs

This modular energy system can be installed in an existing store, during its renovation or in completely new buildings. Customers can choose between three different variations ─ Integral Plus, Integral or Basic ─ depending on their requirements, space options and location. 

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